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From the Academic Side

1) Naturally Formed Nepheline Syenite Alumina-Silicate [Al2O3:SiO2] High Performance Geopolymer Roman Concrete Publishing

First thing to understand about this precursor "Zero Carbon" Nepheline Syenite White Paper that defines the intrusive volcanic "Natural Pozzolan manufacturing" of a material higher up the geopolymer calcium alumina silicate hydrates (C-A-S-H) scale, than a coal dust "fly-ash" — scraped from electric power generating smoke stacks— used as a strength additive to old-fashioned manufactured Portland Cement ® that binds local gravel and river rock into Concrete.

Concrete is the second most used substance on Earth— following water— and second, after transportation, in the production of Greenhouse Gases through the manufacturing of OPC.

Totally replacing OPC with a natural Zero Carbon Cement binder and ECO-Geopolymer-Sand, or better yet, ZeroCarbon-Aggregate, that also saves energy through building in a natural Concrete 'R' Factor to deal with Climate Change.

By Marie D. Jackson, John P.  Oleson, Juhyuk Moon,  Yi Zhang, Heng Chen, and Magnus T. Gudmundsson 

By revealing the secrets hidden  within ancient Roman structures, cementitious materials science is opening new opportunities to develop concrete formulations with improved durability and service life to aid ailing infrastructures and address materials encapsulation needs

Ancient Roman concretes have survived for
thousands of years thanks to the materials’
unique characteristics. Careful analysis of
Roman cemetitious microstructures and
properties can provide insights to improve
engineering strategies for modern
cementitious materials.

Marine concretes drill cores of Mediterranean harbor concrete acquired by the ROMACONS project3 reveal that marine mortars also have a resilient C-A-S-H binder, yet the principal cementing mineral is Al-tobermorite, an unusual layered calcium-aluminum-silicate hydrate.

3) Geopolymers : Structure, Processing, Properties
and Industrial Applications

Edited by John L. Provis and Jannie S. J. van Deventer

"Geopolymers are a class of materials, whose potential remains to be fully unlocked. It is only through a detailed understanding of geopolymer science that full use can be made of the properties of geopolymers in specific applications. However, such science would rapidly become irrelevant in the absence of commercial success; a material that is well characterized but not used in the real world is in effect useless.

There is a growing demand for new construction materials that have low greenhouse gas emissions associated with their manufacture. Therefore,
geopolymeric concrete could potentially be used widely as a replacement for Portland cement concrete, but this will only happen when both an efficient supply chain for raw materials and a distribution network for the products are in place."

4) US Department of Transportation: Geopolymer Concrete CPTP TechBrief

The Concrete Pavement Technology Program (CPTP) :For updates go to

"Geopolymer concrete—an innovative material that is characterized by long chains or networks of inorganic molecules—is a potential alternative to conventional Portland cement concrete for use in transportation infrastructure construction. It relies on minimally processed natural materials or industrial byproducts to significantly reduce its carbon footprint, while also being very resistant to many of the durability issues that can plague conventional concrete. However, the development of this material is still in its infancy, and a number of advancements are still needed. This TechBrief briefly describes geopolymer concrete materials and explores some of their strengths, weaknesses, and potential applications."


5) Geopolymer Concrete: An
ECO-Friendly Alternative to Portland Cement Paving Grade Concrete

ECO-G0Green-Magazine is just one on a mission to put the truth out on how to handle Global Warming Climate Change

AEME Publication Civil Engineering

The current generation of " Sustainable development " which uses the less natural resource, energy as well as generates less CO compromising on strength and durability aspects. geopolymer concrete prepared from conventional alkali sodium hydroxide and sodium silicate curable momentum now-a-days. In this paper, the paste phase and solid Ph geopolymer concrete containing quarry dust and sand as fine aggregate, suitable for rigid pavement application, curable at ambient temperature discussion. The targeted compressive strength of 40MPa was achieved soon after days of air curing and maximum strength attained in 28 days is nearly 62MPa. Both the compressive strength and the flexural strength were within the paving grade concrete.

"The economic thinking of Basic Supply and Demand 101 tells us that if you want something that’s both rare, and new evolving science, you really need to do your due diligence homework"


6) Natural Pozzolan Based Geopolymers: A Review of Early Documentation

The difficult part of supplying documentation to the Department of Interior/BLM as to the value of what the US Geological Survey & Bureau of Mines had designated as a high-grade Alumina-Silicate ore in-situ called Nepheline Syenite, was to work backward to through many other reports defining the best use of what really should be called a Swiss Army Knife of zero carbon minerals—including a touch of Rare Earths that Russia has been exploiting in their "secret" nano science papers dealing with breakthroughs, along with China, in 3D printing of affordable housing.

To read of the difficulty I went through with, as it turned out unnecessary, USFS 36 CFR 228 "plan of operations" exercise, following an accepted Notice of Intent that I would be reopening a "grandfathered in" quarry, which was not in conflict with my paid up-to-date, in good standing, Department of Interior/BLM ORMC claims.

The one thing this delay did bring about was that I really had to do my homework to lead the way into being able to defend the ECO way of mining.

7) Table Mountain Oregon Volcanic
Natural Geopolymer Pozzolan

ECO-Mining-Milling[dotcom] Limited
Cooperative Association

This Adobe E-Pub Paper starts out trying to explain the long development into what, and why, a commitment to Nepheline Syenite is one of the easiest answers to earning carbon credits is to protect an investors, affordable, family home from forest fire —and if built to ECO-Housing-America standards— flash floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, stray bullets, mold, street noise.

The good survivable news is that recent Polymer lab testing has driven the critical chemical mass composition up to 84%, which is in the middle between two 3M distant Nepheline Syenite quarries. This story is just beginning to be noticed!

Another breakthrough happening right now is that —once the snow is off the mountains— will be developing a ECO-Geopolymer-Sand, or being worked up as a ZeroCarbon-Aggregrate. The hope is to be building off-grid, smart-roof, ECO-Villages.



A) Table Mountain Oregon Volcanic Natural Geopolymer Marketing- as

A ECO-Building-Materials Catalog, open to other listings

The main challenge of the science is the creation and development of new materials is overcoming resistance from established suppliers of "household names" protected by a Trademark, or a patent of a natural substance mixed in with a unique addition so as to hide a common formula.

One  of  the potential substitutes for  cement-based composites, of concrete admixtures are  geopolymers. Geopolymers are inorganic materials produced by geosynthesis from silica alumina gels in an alkaline  environment.

Best explained at, or product, shown below, as sold in an unusual "Buy a $100 in place Ton" for individuals to ride out Inflation/Deflation. Talk to Sharon Ehlman, 818-214-9800, and/or &


B) FoamKrete™ was my first Plan of Action
—Five Years Ago

The first of the zero carbon cement mixtures to be advertised as a Climate Change answer


By "" with 68-years of Field Experience, looking for a little more time to finish "The Prospector", a memoir hearkening back to to the Great Carnotite Uranium Rush of '55, and continuing on for other minerals of the moment from Alaska to Panama; California to Montana.

When it is printed it will be available on — along with a WW2 novel, and a coffee table book, "Search For A Shadow of the Past" that came out of my LIFE Magazine article of pioneering the Pacific Crest Trail.

It has been was a good, healthy, fun life running a horse pack string getting into hard to reach places where even a helicopter was a handicap.

The only downside experience was this 'wool sock' old-timer having to deal with silk stockings "industry experts" taking a good property into a "pump and dump" bankruptcy so that the "insider's" made unreasonable amounts of money


C) ECO-Mining-Milling is a
Limited Cooperative Association LCA


This is how I have kept back a million tons of raw Nepheline out of the "mitts" of a "deep state" Wall Street, and Canadian TSX one-sided, and extremely unfair insider trading rules. Make an everyday transaction through a very simple Co-op (which is not a security) based on "Me Mongo" sell you an "in-place, underground ton" for $100.

You, then follow the operating rules of ECO mining by signing a down payment contract with ECO-Mining-Milling to deliver your marketable bagged FoamKrete™ (or this new competitive which has yet to decide what form of corporate structure) for less than the exact same chemistry China sells for $350-550 FOB!

Russian 3D house printing Geopolymer, costs more, with freight, as they have to compete with the very American 3M's Nepheline Syenite 200 arability that has already been approved by the Ohio, and California DOT.

Also see

D) Is a Magazine Readers "Forum", a public way of "Fair Use Citation" of Electronic Information, in a time when the public needs to know what needs to be done to reduce Climate Changing Events becoming a life or death situation

And a request for original thinker non-GPT AI ECO Aware published papers that have something new to add as a truthful answer to Today's Media Headlines when they become available, as this 2018 Review now open to the public:


√ Reactivity of volcanic ash in alkaline medium, microstructural and strength characteristics of resulting geopolymers under different synthesis conditions

Some of Mac&Murray Multimedia Trade Publication titles as:
~and we need qualified editors/contributors for


Probably best produced benefitting ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association ideals, even noting that Nepheline Syenite cement is designated a Class F flash... which is not zero carbon.

Again, talk to ECO-Mining-Milling Director Sharon Ehlman, at 818-214-9800, of, and, who is looking for a start-up manager "Rainmaker" for management.

Another ECO-Mining-Milling Director, builder Lucas Ponce de Leon, at 360-702-1870, or, leading the way on FoamKrete™ — working to Patent a DYI simple "snap to wall system"— by signing up regional Distributors, as well as independent equipment rental outlets that have a portable mixer-hydrogen bubble generator- pump FoamKrete™ plant rental to bundle with FoamKrete™ (not a franchise) material, along with certified contractor in-the field instruction.

And, as a last resort trying to reach claim holder Barry Murray/ ECO-Mining-Milling Director, see if 503-753-5868 works, or write to see if your qualify to become a "patron" buy-in investor. Prospector Murray has plans to retire after staking some "geopolymer aggregate additive" claims that have gone from a long ago look at a "Leave-it-right-there" material to a "Guess-its-time-has-come" to be included into the holding company

If you are as nervous about the safety of e-mail anymore, answer , or request information by using our on-site FORUM PAGE, where you my choose to hide your query.

Historic Lessons Learned

From a passed down knowledge that if Roman Cement hydraulic concrete without steel re-bar had been used on the 40-year old Florida surf-side condo in the news a year and half ago was really caused by the business-wide cover-up of a proposed $1 Bullion settlement, paid for settlement by the condo association, the city of Surfside, and engineering, architectural and other companies involved in the development and maintenance of the property and neighboring developments —the real question is why not include the concrete supplier?

Did anyone present in court that Roman hydraulic cement bridges and wharfs standing in seawater, and how the Romans built, without modern construction tools, and steel reinforcement, the free standing dome of the Pantheon, the largest ever built, measuring 142 feet across without the support of a modern form of rusting steel.

Amazing isn't it the difference between between being ignorant on a multitude of ever growing and evolving subjects, which may which may rectified by learned by paying attention to what is available read — and just plain stupid, which is refusing to learn by due diligence, instead of accepting you hear from lip flappers, as gospel, when in fact the truth is black, or white, instead of shade of blue or red.

Today the color of survival is GREEN. Especially when it comes to the best use of our collectively 'owned' natural resources such as the wealth of the Earth —things grown, harvested, collected, fished, or tilted up-right for shelter. I am especially aware of my historical family's prospecting for minerals needed for survival. And know from years in the field that trying to trick Mother Nature usually results in being told to bend over for a proper spanking, where today far too many hard to track down greenhouse polluters, causing famine, are hiding behind fat cat "spokespersons", who know not of what they report.

The hard part of living off what Creator has provided, is that retro Neanderthal bullies are known to invade whole country's to over-stake mining claims — as the living history of today where international oligarchs paying, right now to fund a private army in Ukraine to eliminate unproductive human beings who refuse to bow down before jet another puppet supporting the domination of lazy unfair —or is that spelled laissez-faire— competitive flow-through, cartels that use small business Schedule C tax returns write-off their marketing losses (?) used to unfairly eliminate competitors working towards the elimination of greenhouse gases generated in the manufacturing of Portland Cement® and the steel re-bar required to keep affordable housing standing longer than 40 or 50 years. Besides Ukraine needs the millions that came from selling Nepheline Syenite to Poland, and they surely could use a concrete sprayed coating to salvage bombed out apartment buildings for shelter.

If you understand the intent of the of the Hatch Act (1939, the Great Depression year I was born) was to prohibit political manipulation —known elsewhere as outright fraud— has also been found not very effective in Congress as Teddy Roosevelt's trust and monopoly busting Sherman Antitrust Act being overlooked today, where PAC supported Senate rejected a bipartisan bill, a revival of revive the Glass-Steagall Act, which would force big banks to split their investment and commercial banking practices, sponsored by Republican presidential candidate John "Coward" McCain, and Democratic Presidential candidate Elizabeth "Pocahontas "Warren.

Which Leads To Focusing On Back East v. Out West Problems.

When it comes to saving the US Mining Industry (mostly Nevada and Alaskan based claims that have somehow been exported offshore to the Kingdom of Multinationals) it seems that in the 19 states (all Western, except Florida) open to mineral entry method of protection (the Republic of Texas was admitted owning all of their land) is for individual prospector/ miners to stand together as an individual "Prudent Man" as identified in the codifier US Mining Law of 1872, which really was the adoption of very successful "Code of the West" self governing system that came out of otherwise unregulated mining camps.

Before"Mining District Law" was adopted by Congress, at the same time of "Homestead / Timber/Town sites /Railroad land grants" came into being, individual underground mining rights were protected from foreign corporations overriding US Citizen's birthrights. In part by competitive foreign oligarchies funding the destruction of the American Experiment.

This is why lately has become vocal about a Department of Defense where the calvary rides in to save the day with a Critical Strategic and critical materials Net Import Reliance figures, and other USGS listing of Alumina for Aluminum and Rare Earths as embedded in Table Mountain, Lincoln County Oregon (a carbon free deposit of Nepheline Syenite —the only other US supply is two quarries owned by 3M are already marketing bags of Nepheline Syenite that closely measure on both sides of a very high geopolymer rating. Which Portland Cement®, even with a which coal dust fly ash additive does not come close to meeting ambient temperature curing times as strengths.

The exciting part of being on the GREEN US hero side, instead of being spit upon for having anything to do with mining, is that USA Nepheline Syenite start-ups have a competitive edge over multinational Mining and RETIS flow-through monopolies, if only by location, location, location. As Chinese Nepheline, with almost the same chemistry selling for $400, FOB. The largest nepheline syenite cement producer in the world is Russia, where it is hard to document the material cost difference of a Nepheline Syenite 3D printed houses, advertised at twice the pioneering Chinese $10,000 demonstration project, and the Russian Geopolymer $20,000 proof of concept, where silently imported Nepheline Syenite suddenly appeared as a local breakthrough in Texas, and then again in New Jersey. The politically correct statement that a Geopolymer replacement benefited the where the final price was a revolutionary local sales, greedy ROI, was priced just a tab bit below the inflated cost of a stick-built home.

The sales edge was that a house built of liquid rock could withstand climate change forest/brush fires for four hours at 3,000º — (correct) just the thing needed to survive Global Warming Climate Change. What has not been mentioned due to long standing distributorship agreements, is that doing away with carbon based Portland Cement®, especially with a proudly "recycled" coal fly ash supposedly making everything green with "earned credits" for your new homes "off the scale 'R' value insulation" (correct).

Prudent American individuals looking for a way to go-around the games that extremely wealthy securities dealers offer have nothing to really do with supporting any ECO-GoGreen-Magazine projects, as identified in Or, perhaps even this new start-up supporting ECO-Mining-Milling [dotcom] Limited Cooperative Association LCA controlling the flow of a

Here come the Patriotic "Why" Pitch Of A Go Green Business

Which has everything to do with a tree-hugger Oregon's proven 250 million ton uniform value underground deposit (no tailing piles as everything is product) being measured in "Bill of Sale Ton Units", instead of the practice of pumped-then-dumped Canadian Multinational stock certificates. Or worse, investor ownership completely disappearing into deep state international "natural resources" cartels recently reported upon overseas " where a handful of oligarchs hold the puppet strings of a significant part of the global economy. As, cement is the second most used resource around the world, following water.

Need a bit of truth on this statement by an International Consortium of Investigative Journalist's "Paradise Papers" go to Wikipedia to follow show how billionaires and multi-national corporations get richer by hiding their wealth and profits and avoid paying their fair share of taxes.” Sound familiar?

Oh, and do not bother to try and lay that blame and shame on Elon Musk who reportably paid a record breaking $12 Billion dollars in taxes (not counting shameful SEC fines that banks have found were the quickest way to make those go away —which perhaps could be a business as usual tax) while quietly acquiring a reputation for battling Global Warming through his EV automobiles, nepheline syenite solar shingles, affordable mini-houses, underground boring transportation projects, his life-saving telecommunication system, and a few other engineering details worked out by shirtsleeve engineering trial and error testing.

The fact that ECO Inventor Musk is also in the record books for loosing his his "target position' as the World's wealthiest person, almost overnight on purpose, really is proof that he is part of the Asperger's Hall of Fame—along with Steve Jobs, Bill and Melinda Gates, Warren Buffet, Al Gore, Harry Truman, Henry Ford, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin — for understanding that real wealth (not electronically stoked stock certificates) that real money (including real properties) is supposed to be used to help mankind. Please notice that Elon has not gone for credits due, or help from Congress when asked, for suppling Ukraine with a communications system which has helped defend us all from having to fight WW III.

One the most aggressive restraining deceptions controlling a release of scientific knowledge, advancing the update of an international cement industry, has been Russia which has with the world's largest supply of a rarely mentioned nepheline syenite cement commenting on their 3D geopolymer concrete research. And enough glassy Nepheline Syenite to protect their tanks in Ukraine with backward looking bricks on a Nepheline Ceramic.

China also has been using their nepheline syenite supply to pioneer what are know as "long bridges" (sorry, when double checking out their website I was led to a Chinese military exercise that also could double as a floating airfield. Wonder if the floating pontoons are the nepheline FloatKrete I wish to build an unsinkable cruising cameraman?) Also interesting that when I kept looking for a link I used to share explaining some of China's hits on super strength element for steel-filled tube long bridges, it had been taken down from the web. So instead you might be interested in what is happening with what, where, why, and when with Asian concrete. And, I wish I could somehow bring the world up to date with what Iran, that also just happens to have a geopolymer grade nepheline syenite being used for "glass nuclear waste storage logs".

An interesting answer for today is a 'round the world search for a "liquid rock" some say was the Egyptian secret on how the Pyramids were built. As Middle East Nepheline Syenite "Natural Pozzolan" was used by the Romans to build, without modern construction tools, curing furnaces, and steel reinforcement, the free standing dome of the Pantheon, the largest ever built, measuring 142 feet across without the support of a modern form of steel.

Which is why I (at 503-753-5868) and / / director Sharon Ehlman (at 818-214-9800) are looking for untainted funding, direct from American individuals who may also develop a multi-level Mary K style "trickle down" ownership model, based upon per ton,to help make the NOT A PONZI scheme of individuals system of "affordable ownership" with some built-in fire and flood insurance, come true.

Which is why, for the power of a seconded suggestion, is to try to work your way through an independent selection of truth for those interested in doing their bit fighting back against a disinformation campaign, for short term shareholder profit, presented by deep pocket, deep "Science Disbelievers" who became political when Al Gore of the hanging chad fame, continued publishing his “An Inconvenient Truth” that started out as a simple PowerPoint presentation, adapted into an Oscar winning film; and then really going global with a Nobel Prize, which inspired an Asperger's powered Swedish teenager, Greta Thunberg, to present a global warming solution to the United Nations that needs to support the Paris Accords, and more recently Glasgow, Scotland, where the COP26 climate summit simply babbled over similar comments made almost a decades ago.

They only sense those of us concerned for the lives of our grandchildren seemed to be the Al-Gorerythem of an Asperger's Internet Pioneer —along with another nerd, Billy Gates, inventor of the water saving separating toilet— who spoke as the focus of COP26 turned its attention to the Glasgow Financial Alliance for a Net Zero financial industry:

“I think we’re in the early stages of a sustainability revolution that’s the biggest opportunity in history,” Gore said. “And those who don’t recognize that and adapt to it are in commercial risk. They’re going to be left behind.”

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